What do you think of the optimization on pc lately?


  • It would be nice to put in a bit more effort with the thread.

    That said, I think that developers are struggling now with stagnating price/performance improvements in hardware and new game engines that are not very optimized and poorly understood. 

  •  fully agree, I have been passing a few times on this tread because of that.

    The market has been willing to pay the price and that is changing, so game developers and hardware developers have to step up. I find it an insult how little how little advancement there is the the 14th series CPU and the lower end of 4000 series GPU- Also game developers are to a very large extent reusing old code, so it looks more like mod then a new game. 

    I hope we will see some changes or people will take a break from buying those products. 

  • I think the same.

  • I think the same.

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