What do you think of the optimization on pc lately?


  • My GTX1080ti is still coping at 1440p with most games on Ultra but sometimes I do have to turn games down to High or Medium on a couple of settings depending on the rendering engine and how nvidia friendly it is. Some games these days are ported from AMD powered consoles and work better with Radeon GPU

  • 1080 Ti really was a great GPU for its time, I don't think nvidia has released anything comparable to it since then, we do not get such GPUs nowadays unless they cost 1500+ unfortunately...

    What do you see yourself upgrading to eventually?

  • Oh man, also back when the laptop version on GPUs wasn't so starkly different either.
    Although I didn't have one of those machines back then, the mental 1080SLI laptops with dual PSUs were something to behold.

  • I already have a replacement for it in the PC I won, a Starfield Edition Radeon RX 7900 XTX which is running Cyberpunk with ease on Ultra RT but also the RTX4060 in my laptop is able to outscore the GTX1080ti in benchmarks I have run on both. So while it's still fine running games at 1440p it is now starting to definitely get left behind for sheer grunt at that resolution

  • Biggest hit for me was Alan Wake 2. As 1060 owner its unplayable for me. I wish the game supported regular shaders like RTX games support old school lighting techniques. 

  • Indeed, the requirements are quite steep for that game and I doubt they will change in future patches either unfortunately. Have you played the rest of the series including CONTROL on your GTX1060 without any issues?