Is Intel Arc GPU something for you ?

Intel Arc GPU is as the new GPU builder naturally behind, but when will is be something for you to consider as an alternative to AMD and NVIDIA ?


I have included Gamers Nexus latest look at Intel Arc GPU 

ONE YEAR LATER: Intel Arc GPU Drivers, Bugs, & Huge Improvements

  • Intel arc is still a bit new-ish to me,as far from my expereince. its very buggy. Everytime i would downlaod intel arc gpu drivers stuff would be screwed like for some reason my scaling would go to 250% and other stuff like screen blinking alot. its just,nvidia and amd are older and have far off more experience and people are more used with them. you cant tell me u didnt see anyone going like ''i just bought my new rtx 3080!' or ''omg the 1080 ti is such a gem'',or the amd ''the 6500 xt is the bang for a buck!!''. but intel,everyone knows them for processors. and them getting into the gpu space will take them a loooooooong time before people realise they are in that space too.

  • Not really unless at some point I build an all Intel system which is highly unlikely. I don't favour any brands over the other but I'm also not going to leap head first into a new product line up because it's from X, Y or Z.

    Intel aren't exactly wet behind the ears when it comes to random product sector launches and they do abandon them quite fast if they don't work out as forecast for sales. The latest victim of the failed project cull is their entire solid state storage line up.

    I'll let the early adopters of Arc deal with all the teething problems and wait to see if Intel carry on developing Arc cards and drivers longer term before even considering them as a viable alternative to AMD and NVIDIA.

  • For now I still prefer an Nvidia GPU but I'm glad Intel took that sped and bring something new to the market.

    The future is shining for ARC and I'm sure in the future Intel will bring new ways to take advantage of  the bundle processor and GPU (both from Intel).

  • I want to like Intel Arc but there are too many issues for me to ignore. Maybe in a few years.

  • I mean if I was building a system, maybe.

    The price to performance is really good. Its great to see another competitor in the field, if the rumours of Battlemage performance and pricing are on point I can see a lot of people being tempted. Seems to be a card that gives what you want at a price you can afford. If so, AMD and Nvid will have to stop being so greedy and lower prices.

  • This is my thoughts om it exactly,  I need to see a bit more and see some more testing on it bit I don't doubt Intel will come up with a GPU to rival the competition 

  • I already opted for the 6700 XT. My next upgrade will at least have to offer at least 3080 Ti performance at 200 Watts for less money than I got for my kidney.

    Right now Intel still has too many issues and too few advantages for me to consider them a real alternative. I will keep track of their progress, but they probably need at least two generations more to get to a level where they don't need to compensate for lesser quality with substantially lower prices.

  • I replaced few years ago Vega 56 with Rx 6700XT.  I wondering now to switch to used 3080Ti as is now a good priced.   Entering Intel ARC in the competition will be beneficial to the customers as the ARC have a the best pricing by far for the gamers with the medium level budget.  The most important question is, can it run Crysis? ;)    

  • It makes sense that Intel would be the ones to get into this, and I'd personally love for them to build viable competition into the scene. Having a third party aside from AMD and NVIDIA seems like it could only be good for... almost everyone.

    The only thing I'm worried about would be developers having to optimize their games for one or the other, at the expense of the other GPUs. Hopefully drivers would fix that, and it seems like Intel would be well-placed to integrate GPUs into the tech that they already make to create a super-smooth PC experience. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Anyway, we will see. I'll definitely be considering it if they offer something with solid reviews in a decent price range.

  • Intel are really new to the GPU industry and they are really laggy sometimes I would prefer Nvidia or AMD more than Intel they're chips get hot really fast I cant imagine the gpu it's going to be really loud I might be wrong maybe Intel arc would be a good GPU