Hidden Gems

What games are you all spending the first couple of weeks of 2024 in? Something new? Something old from your backlog? Something you got in the recent holiday sales?

Feel free to share any recomendations and why the game is worth getting into according to you.

Happy 2024 gaming!

  • Enjoying CoD MW3 a lot and started playing Baldur's Gate 3. Great game!

  • I’m playing homeworld 1-2 remastered. Getting ready for nr 3. There is no other space rts that feels like this

  • Haven't had time to dive into FarCry 6 before and it's on gamepass for some time now. So far it's not bad.

  • A bit of google minesweeper

  • I've been recently been playing contrast and its a interesting concept of shadow worlds much like a link between worlds. Its a really short game though and it shows its age. 

  • Suzerain is a very interesting game, I recommend it

  • I've started off the new year trying to get a few games off my backlog, so for whatever reason, I chose Journey to the Savage Planet, We Happy Few, Journey, and Banished. I'm quite impressed with all of them, actually. Very enjoyable for shorter, non-AAA games.

  • Call me old but I'm still playing dragon ball z kakarot 

  • Sure why not? As long as it's fun.

  • I finished the pixel remaster of FF6 on the switch last night, old ganes are pretty nostalgic. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an epic Castlevania clone, pretty close to Symphony of the night.

    That's assuming you like those kinda games.