Hidden Gems

What games are you all spending the first couple of weeks of 2024 in? Something new? Something old from your backlog? Something you got in the recent holiday sales?

Feel free to share any recomendations and why the game is worth getting into according to you.

Happy 2024 gaming!

  • Alan Wake 2 has been my new game, but I'm patiently waiting on Tomb Raider Remaster to come out in February

  • I'm agree with Drifted, Tomb Raider remaster is something to try if you want to change from the modern graphics and mechanicsGrin

  • Picked up Cocoon to try, as its concept really intrigued me. Haven't heard about it until the GOTY awards, so I was kinda surprised how that went under my radar. Enjoying it so far, even though some puzzles might not be so intuitive. Next up is Sea of Stars on my list.

  • Has anyone been playing Palworld on Xbox or PC? So far I've been enjoying it and you can make it super easy to progress levelling to the higher technology levels by editing the difficulty to custom and increasing the drop rates and damage multipliers etc. 

  • You make me look real old. Check out  Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

  • I bought on holiday sales Battlefield V and Northgard and I played both this weeks and they are so funny with friends and brothers. Now Im playing Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen that I had it on the game library and waiting to be played for long. 

  • Anyone planning to play pal world on the legion go?

  • If anyone is interested in Race Simulators, there's a hidden gem on Steam called Copa Petrobras de Marcas which you can grab for free. It's got very good mapping and physics and is based on the Brazilian Saloon Car Championship of the same name. Take into account the licensing may run out on this game soon so it may be de-listed from Steam since it was released in 2014. Additionally because it was released in 2014 it isn't exactly demanding on hardware so should run on pretty much any modern hardware including laptops with only integrated GPU. The graphics aren't poor quality though, it still looks decent compared to more modern simulators when you are out on track. The age shows more in the game menus.


  • Another one which isn't free but is really good is called Brotato. It's very similar game play to Vampire Survivors and exactly the same price at £3.99. The difference really is the artwork and cheesy jokes the Brotato team bring to the genre of top down survival mele fighting

    Brotato on Steam (steampowered.com)

  • Dabbled in to a bit of PS1 games on steam, currently running through Ty the Tasmainian Tiger.