Will the AMD Legion laptops be getting an X3D refresh?

It's been a while since the Legions with the 7945HX launched and so far only Asus' Strix Scar 17 X3D is the only laptop with the 7945HX3D CPU. MSI revealed earlier that they're launching laptops with the X3D chips as well. Any chance the Legion laptops also will get them?

  • It's not beyond the realms of possibility but nobody from Lenovo would be able to say either way before any official product reveals in the future. So if you aren't desperate for a new laptop and are willing to hold off buying, then all you can do for now is wait and see. X3D certainly makes more sense than HX in gaming laptops though

  • Agreed.

    I also believe having a 7800X3D in a gaming laptop makes more sense too. Take intel for arguments sake, when gaming, its the 8 performance cores that you're hitting mainly.

    If they made a monolithic 8 core X3D chip, or even 12 core just to be sure there's headroom, that would be perfect for gaming laptops.

    I mean the Strix Scar X3D version spanks everything in gaming cause its mainly using that 3D Vcache CCD. 

  • feel like they would have done it by now if they were going to but only time will tell. they haven't even announced anything yet so I guess its unlikely at this point since they've even rolled out the 14th gen intel chips

  • the X3D platform has found its spot in gaming for sure. its great value and performance. If the perf vs power demand scales well its perfect for Gaming laptops. 

  • Well given what appears to have happened with the Legion 7 Pro 8th gen AMD version and it's HX boards that may be why there's nothing announced regarding AMD versions yet. They may not be forthcoming or just going through extra testing and development. Time will tell though, I hope they do bring out something decent as an AMD option rather than abandon them going forwards. I'm not in team red, there just needs to be choice in the range rather than an Intel monopoly.