Gaming PC worth it?

Hey guys, does it still make sense to get a really good gaming PC atm?

Since ive heard rumors about possible specs of the upcoming Nvidia GPU-Series, I think it would be better to wait for the this new generation before buying right?

  • It's always better to wait. That's the mean thing about buying a PC. As soon as you got one, it's already old again. So, if you can wait, it would make sense to do that until the 50xx series is released, but if you can't then just accept the fate.

  • What many don't get about pc gaming is: you don't have to buy it all at once and most of the time that's the worst way to buy cause you can't take advantage of offers. Main components of PC are the same so if yoiu see an awesome deal for a PSU GET IT IMMEDIATELY. Or if you know you're going AIO for cooling and you see a deal TAKE ADVANTAGE of that. Same goes for the CPU: usually a certain cpu is more convenient on average than their opposite counterpart (whether we're talking of intel or amd) but sometimes the tables turn because of sick deals on either newegg, amazon, microcenter or whatever you've got in your country. So study the market and set a budget that you would spend for the intel cpu or the amd one including their mobo and set an individual budget for both combos, so that you can decide what cpu going with. And so on so forth. You also don't necessarily have to buy a gpu if you choose a cpu with integrated graphics. Or you can get a used place holder for under 100$ or so and sell that later on. Hope this helps.

  • I'd say Patience is Key, so better to wait. If you can't, then try to spend less.

  • The problem you have with this, is there is always something on the way. You would be waiting forever to build a PC if you constantly think about what's going to be released in a few months.

    The beauty of PCs is it's modular, if you find a sweet deal on a GPU, then get it. New GPUs will cost silly money when released, but come down over the months. Chances are you could buy one is a sale then resell the one you picked up as a stop gap.

    That said, depending on what you play and how you play it (1080,1440... 4K) and your budget. If you're playing League of Legends at 1080... you do not need a 4080 or even a 5070 (when released). That and they always launch top down. So you'll see 5090/80s for a few months before anything mid tier or entry level.

    My advice is build your mobo and CPU on a platform you'll keep. Say, AM5 7800X3D, you can change everything else to make the most of it. Next gen CPUs will still work on that board too.

  • With all the prices slowly going down and the 4000 series not being that great, I would wait. 

  • When talking about buying new hardware is a good idea to wait, that way you can see reviews of the new GPUS and check discounts of previous gen GPUS.

  • Fully agree with this. If you can wait, please do so. 

  • I think that waiting is a virtue, to be able to see what virtues and defects each of the new generation GPUs has. There can always be a revision or IT that improves a defect in one of them. Personally, I have great expectations of the bet that INTEL is going to make with its Battlemage.
    Still, it's great that they're releasing a new generation, so the current 40 will go down in price. I don't have a desktop computer, but maybe when the new generations come out I will buy a 4060 TI or 4070, since they will be much more affordable, and could play with RTXOn

  • The problem is that you will always be waiting for the next thing.  However, the new NVIDIA 5000 series should be just around the corner, so if that is the only thing you are waiting for, it might be a good idea.

  • I want to see the prices of the RTX 5000s before I jump, and if the 4000s come down significantly then I may just to that in the mean time.