GeForce NOW Yah or Nay

GeForce NOW Yah or Nay 

What is your mind about GeForce NOW ?

  • I would love to use an older PC and then play together. The only limitation is that I need a better connection. 

  • Connection speed is my problem too.

  • i love geforce now

  • Please tell us why you love it and how fast is your connection ? 

    Can you only play for 1 hour and it disconnects you ? 

  • I've never used it. I don't even know how it works. 

  • I have only internet via lte because i live in a small town. there is no fast internet via cable or something else available. so my geforce now experience is stuttering or smearing visuals.

  • It has a big cloud server so you only need a fast connection instead of a powerful PC / laptop. But I have heard that you need 15 Mbit upload minimum to really feel that it is better then having a physically computer. I would love to try it out but prefer to have the physically computer.

  • I think anything that expands on the technology and makes gaming easier is a good thing, even if it has small hiccups in the beginning.

  • I haven't used it yet, but I'm planning to, heard good things about it.

  • I have used it since it powers the Xbox Ultimate Cloud Gaming and found it is not a good experience on my internet connection. I attempted to play Starfield to try it out while I had the 3 months free access from my laptop purchase. What I found was while there was no noticeable input lag, the game visuals were ruined. It was like watching a badly pixelated twitch stream at 320p.

    So unless either my internet connection improves or they find a way to compress game data better, for me it's a nay