4K 32" OLED Monitors

Alienware, ASUS and MSI have all released new 32" 4K OLED monitors in the last few months, but they are expensive and in short supply. Has anyone managed to get one and are they worth the upgrade from a similar IPS monitor?

  • QLED rather than OLED does look tempting but the 3 year burn-in warranty does give some indication about how long the monitor will last, which isn't long for such an expensive investment. I'm more interested in miniLED and how that may or may not progress going forward. It is better value but the new QLED panels have insane response times and potential support for NVIDIA ULMB2 https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/news/g-sync-ultra-low-motion-blur-2/

    I'm not in a hurry to buy a new monitor though and if I did, I wouldn't currently be able to justify the budget for one of those 4K panels. I will wait until the prevailing technology becomes cheaper and more mainstream in the coming years.

  • Yes, even with the burn-in warranty that some companies are offering, it is still a concern.

  • The Acer Predator monitors that were anounced at CES should be coming out soon, some great Mini LED monitors in the range, Theres a X34 coming out with 2000+ local array dimming zones, while not per pixel is still going to give some incredible results, and much higher contrast ratio (well brighter than OLED). Also a 57 inch ultra widescreen, 2000+ dimming zones again (though not quite as dense as the X34). Both should be great OLED alternatives and be better for longevity since the IPS will mitigate against burn in and they will be better for productivity/work since the pixel layout will work better with windows cleartype.

    Another Mini LED option might be some of the new TCL TVs that are coming out, Probably better for gaming since they are so big but a 4k 42" mini LED could be a good option and a bit more budget freindly than the LG OLED TVs.

  • I'll get one. I'll just need to sell a kidney.

  • Burn-in is something that you must consider, depends mostly on your budget and If you're willing to take the risk of early degradation.

    You'll definitely enjoy of a pure black, amazing colors and a great HDR.

  • Burn in issue has gotten better over the years but if the monitor is being used with static images then you need to manage your screen compared to older LED tech. Follow the best practices and maybe look at insurance options to extend the warranty.

  • I mean the tech is still advancing. ASUS were bleating about a custom panel heatsink that keeps things cooler and reduces the chance of burn in. 

    At this rate the screens will need to be 8k but be 2 offset 4k images so the strain is split, with a big old heatsink and fans on the back to keep it cool to be as sure as possible you dont get burn in for as long as possible.

  • If you need a new monitor now and have the money, you can go for an OLED monitor. Otherwise, you should wait for microLED monitors.