Which PS5 2021 Exclusives Are You Most Excited For?

Sony has announced a ton of new games slated for the PS5, including:

- Spider-Man: Miles Morales

- Hogwarts Legacy

- God of War: Ragnarok

- Horizon Forbidden West

- Final Fantasy 16

Which of these titles are you most excited for? Or, is there another title you can't wait to play?

  • I am really looking forward to Horizon Forbidden West the most. The first game's environment and gameplay felt refreshing and different than most of the open world games that have launched last several years. Despite a little repetition, I had a lot of fun engaging in Aloy's world and can't wait too see what  new environments, dinotechs, and combat additions Guerilla Games will introduce. I was hoping Guerilla would have been working on new Killzone game as the last one felt dull but Horizon 2 will be a well welcomed launch by them in my opinion. I hope it gets a pc launch maybe half a year later so i can play it on my legion as well as my ps5.

  • Forbidden West looks great! First one was one of the best-looking game worlds I've ever played - monster designs were amazing, really sold the cyberpunk post-apocalyptic setting.

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