Will you be buying the ps5 Pro?

I'm interested to see who has the ps5 already and will be buying the pro or if you're just waiting for the pro to drop? I remember when the ps4 pro dropped everyone was hyped for it and the difference in graphics etc but I've not seen much hype/excitement surrounding this yet, but maybe that's because they will be impossible to get a hold of

  • I didnt get to pick up a PS5 mainly because of scalpers, so I went with a gaming laptop. By the time prices came down and I was able to think about it I won a better laptop.

    The other reason was there wasn't really a catalogue of games making the new console worth buying. There are a few now and the Pro should deliver the performance stability im used to from the lappy so, yeah, will see how they turn out and performance/cost and I'll probably get one.

  • There probably comes a point for most people where it’s valid to ask if you really need anything better than you have. For others, it may be worth the extra cost to have the latest tech, but in waiting for it when it is still quite speculative is at risk of losing out on enjoyment of so much in the meantime.

  • Probably not, the PS5 already doesn't have many titles that interest me at least.

  • It'll depend of the improvements on performance, for me would be enough 60 Fps with Rtx running on 4k. 

    Hopefully it'll not end like the PS5 launch....Cry