PlayStation with Nvidia's GPU?

Could you imagine it!?

Would be awesome to have DLS 3 running on a console to reach high fps without sacrificing 4k resolution and ray tracing. 

Or do you think that AMD will catch up offering a valid alternative?

And let's not forget the advantage of being warm at winter Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • AMD or Sony will get that feature on PS5 eventually, but it will take time and probably end up looking worse. It's not a free performance boost though, it has its own sacrifices like input lag, the motion may look better assuming there are no artifacts but the game will not necessarily feel better.

    The PS3 had a nvidia GPU by the way.

  • DLSS 3 has rather big artifacts in many games though and Nvidia really expects us to pay a lot for that feature. So an Nvidia console would probably be much more expensive.

    But of course this can't happen until Nvidia starts making APU's. And with the failed takeover of Arm, it's not clear where Nvidia would get that knowledge.

  • Nah, AMD is working on FSR 3, which is basically DLSS3+ FG. That will likely come to consoles anyway. NVIDIA would end up charging too much and consoles would end up being 600+ as a baseline. Then comes the "super" and "ti" versions Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • Nvidia at the moment is charging a lot for their GPUs. I'm not sure Sony will be able to get a good deal and then sell at a price point where they don't make a massive loss. AMD APUs seem to be doing well and the new Zen 4 Generation are looking good.

  • Consoles should not need to resort to DLSS 3/4/5 or FSR 3/4/5 in the first place, they are cludges to get PC consumers to buy under specified GPU cards are stupidly high prices. It is entirely possible for both AMD and NVIDIA to fit way more VRAM to their cards cost effectively than they already do. Enthusiasts mod their cards and most recently a 2080ti owner managed to upgrade their card to 48GB (44GB was useable because of bus limitations). since NVIDIA had fitted 1GB chips to one side of the card instead of 2GB to both sides which the PCB had support for. A 2GB chip is currently $27 so hopefully we will start to see higher capacity cards in the future.

    NVIDIA could invest in creating their own RISC compliant chips, they don't really need to invest in ARM which uses RISC. That would have been a handy shortcut at best but never rule them out of doing anything which can benefit them, especially in the increasing AI market.

    As for power draw of GPU and nvme drives, that really needs addressing in both PC and console platforms. When you have a hefty console the size of the PS5 or XBox X belting out as much heat as a gaming PC there's something clearly wrong in the direction they are taking. It is not an advantage being able to heat your house with a PC or Console, it's a massive disadvantage especially in the summer and also when utility bills are ridiculously high.