What are some PC or other console features and games you wish Playstation had?

What are some PC or other console features and games you wish Playstation had? Personally I’d want Valorant (though I think the skill gap would be immense compared with PC players haha) and Forza Horizon on it since i’m not an Xbox guy but the game feels extremely satisfying to look at 

  • Is impossible but would be awesome to have games from Nintendo, they have a kind of magic and guarantee a good time with friends Grin

  • I’m agree with you. Nintendo games would be great if they could be adapted and played with PlayStation. They have a crazy graphics and you can play with your friends Relaxed

  • I would definitely like the ability to add mods, that would be a game-changer. PlayStation could have their own Steam Workshop type of feature, and mods can be ported from PC to console (or possibly vice versa).

    Of course (knowing what Sony is like) the mods would have to be checked and approved before they are uploaded to the official mod repository.

  • Haha, indeed it is impossible, but we can dream! Nintendo games have a special kind of charm and fun factor that is hard to replicate. They have a long history of creating memorable and enjoyable games that are perfect for playing with friends. While it may not be possible to have Nintendo games on every platform, it would certainly be awesome if it were!

  • Modding support would be great. Imagine some Cyberpunk 2077 mods on the PS5.

  • On the contrary, I wish more and more PS only game get on PC sooner.
  • Age of Empires IV would be nice and Forza Motorsport is also not coming to the PS5.

  • I would like to connect my PC mods to the PS game. Should't be to difficult if there's a central instance to log into the game from different systems.

  • I kinda wish games came on on PC as well as consoles and within a reasonable time scale. I really want to play FF16 before I get spoiled to the story. It's not due on PC until 2024, Seriously making me wanna get a PS5 sooner.

  • To be honest In first person shooter games I wish we got aim assist as well, it would really level the playing field. Other than that I REALLY like the idea of feedback. I know lenovo for one generation of of the 7 series played around with the pressure sensitive keys (ONLY WASD) and that would have been interesting and I wanted to try. But I kind of want to see adaptive feedback like the ps5 controller triggers on pc too. I just don't know how it could be integrated into a laptop and how to get more games onboard with supporting it.