Playstation 5 PRO thoughts

I think is about time to start talking about itGrin.

Time is passing and soon or later we'll have news regarding the new version of the PlayStation 5.

But how do you think it'll be?

How much do you expect it to cost?

MD is something that you're looking forward to see/buy?

  • I think it's still too early to think about a PS5 Pro. Maybe in like 2025 we will see it happen. Price probably around the same as the current PS5 costs (The current one probably dropping in price until then). Thanks to the microsoft activison takeover there are also leaked information about a PS5 slim coming soon. Pretty sure they want some time between their console versions

  • There's heavy speculation that it will move from a Zen2/RDNA2 APU to a Zen4/RDNA3 APU. If this is true, the PRO would pretty much be a PS6 in terms of hardware. They're again speculating a target performance of around 2x the PS5 for the pro.

    Could be sometime next year or 2025. There's also talk of it possibly costing around 700quid. Reasons being, if muppets will spend 1000+ on the latest phone, 700 for a premium spec console is a reasonable ask.

  • I cant see it being more that £550-600 otherwise it becomes too expensive a option and limited to the select few who can afford it. It limits the install base once it costs way beyond the reach of most families. 

  • I refuse to think about it, yet. It will take quite some time till we might see a release, so let's just wait. 

  • I expect them to target the same price point. The difficulty is that RDNA 3 is a bit of a flop, so the question is whether a new chip is actually going to be enough of a benefit. They might want to wait for RDNA 4.

  • There has been a couple of recent break throughs with RDNA, not sure if they can impliment it into 3 or just bake it into 4.

    That said, if they wait for 4, it may end up just being a PS6 instead of a 5 pro. I mean the speculated hardware change alone is a brand new architecture which would make it more a 6 than a pro.

  • Still too early for it. Sony should, if we look at the ps3/4 release schedules, be releasing a ps5 slim first (maybe end of this year or sometime next year) with a different appearance and cheaper price point. Then another year or two later we may see the pro version of the ps5 get released. But at the moment there isn't as much demand for it as they have really only just caught up with the backlog of people wanting ps5s but couldn't order them due to shortages

  • Hopefully not too soon as I only recently got my hands on a ps5 would be a bummer for me if there was already a newer model so soon after me picking it up as I would have preferred to got the pro if available at the time .

  • With the rumours of a imminent slim console and the recent discount on the base price of the original gen. I'm waiting for more solid news on the roadmap. 

  • Offline in reply to AR

    It has been all be confirmed for next year.

    I thinking the slim may replace the digital version and the pro will take the standard spot.

    If not, then its probably being discounted to clear old stock for the arrival of the slim.

    Rumours have been going around the pricing may not be too much higher for the pro, still that would be taken with a pinch of salt until much closer to release.