Price hikes to the PS Plus Subscriptions

The PS Plus subscription has also seen a price hike with mediocre offerings in Essentials this doesn't feel like good value for money. Those of us who took advantage of the PS NOW conversion to premium are grandfathered in. Myself I managed to stack till 2030. but will be looking for deals closer to my renewal date. 

What are your thoughts on this pretty sizeable rate hike comparatively.

Old price vs New

PS Plus Essential £49.99 / $59.99 £59.99 / $79.99
PS Plus Extra £83.99 / $99.99 £99.99 / $134.99
PS Plus Premium £99.99 / $119.99 £119.99 / $159.99
  • It is really poor from them i'm not going to lie, especially when you compare it to prices of other similar subscriptions

  • It's a terrible decision from Sony, especially with the PS5 not doing that well in terms of gaining traction. I would hope they would revert this decision but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  • That's a huge price increase. Buying discs second hand was always the value play and is even more so now. 

  • Thanks for sharing AR, I wasn't aware of the current coat of the service.

    This is helpful to consider Xbox and compare the overall cost of the consoles since hardware shouldn't be our only concern Grimacing

  • PS Plus prices always seemed pretty unreasonable especially when you already pay more for games in the first place over pc. That's part of the reason I justified making the switch to PC £60-120 per year adds up pretty quickly over the life of the device too.

    If we assume an 8-year cycle:

    PS5 initial cost was about £550

    8x £60 or £120 = £480 or £960

    For that amount you can get 2 or 3 pretty decent gaming laptops (if you sell the first one on marketplace or something) and still pay less for games and online content.

    I bought total war three kingdoms years ago on sale for £15 and spent well over 1000 hours on it. Other people I know only play CS or LoL etc.

    PC gaming just makes better financial sense.

  • Yikes! Those are pretty substantial price hikes. I think the thing that bothers me most about this is that Sony is just jumping on board with all the other companies (although they are a bit late) who are hiking prices during this period of increased inflation. Really sickening that consumers have to pay the price for this completely unnecessary greed. If I were a console gamer, PS would've been my first go-to. Thankfully I'm not, because I wouldn't pay these subscriptions on top of the cost of the actual machine.

  • Yeah I think its a pretty poor decision, I think Sony should have kept the prices what they were. They have a great selection of games, but they don't drop as many new titles for me the same was as gamepass does. Now being said I know they drop different styles of games, but I just use gamepass on my PC and now prefer that over PS plus due to pricing

  • Every thing is going up in price now days. So I’m not surprised that subscription plans also go up. 

  • It’s good to hear a consensus on the fact the unreasonable price hikes with so little to offer. While I understand there's infrastructure and games contracts to pay for this is a large bump in especially trying times.

  • I cancelled the auto renew on my account, I already have Gamepass so it's not worth it to pay for Extra at this price, specially when they aren't adding good games, it feels like the value is down and the price is up. On top of it all I didn't get a deal for Black Firday, only some recurrent users got it. My PS5 will be only for exclusives now.