Opinions on the new PS Plus?

What is everyones opinion on the new PS Plus / PS Now merge?

It's great that there is some more choice coming in, and I'm really excited to play some of the PS5 exclusives (Returnal and Demons Souls!) which I hadn't managed to pick up yet when the PS5 library comes out.

Not entirely sure it'll be able to compete with Game Pass if that's their idea though..

  • I like it. Merging Plus and Now should have happened a long time ago.

    The Extra library is excellent. Undeniable value to be had there. I'm a little disappointed with the Premium selection (classic titles) but hopefully they add to it.

    So far, I'm just sticking with my Essential subscription (still have a hefty backlog to get through) but I do see myself upgrading in the future. I just wish I was one of the people who took advantage of the exploit where you stack 5+ years of Plus and 1 year of Now and get 5+ years of Premium.

  • I agree with penguin, merging with Now is long overdue, especially with Game Pass having been out for so long...

  • I totally agree with penguin much improved in my honest opinion.

  • Good move and will only get better in time (I hope!)

  • I tried PS Now for a month or so previously but couldn't justify the price, compared to how much I played it, so I got rid of it. I'm not sure I'll be going for anything other than the essential tier, but that may change depending on reviews once it launches!

  • Ah good to know. Every bit of savings helps, especially in this economy! I'll wait until things get better then.

  • I’m excited for it, but I am being cautiously optimistic. I fear we may get the slightly inferior PAL versions of games. Which given that we are a PAL region would totally make sense, but still.

    I had quite a few PS1 classics on PS3, and from what I understand once they get added to the service I should be able to download them without paying for the service. Hoping Tomba 2 gets added soon.

    But I’ll certainly give it a go. I haven’t tried the streaming service, so I can’t comment on its quality, but I would like a way to play some classic games such as Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. 

  • Im kinda stubborn, I dont want to pay a sub for games, especially when there's many I probably wont play. That or if I hit a snag on a game I do like and see another I might like and try it, then ai forget about the game I started with. 

    In truth I don't really play online unless I'm playing with my girl, she's unfortunate to have a lot of migraines so we dont get to play much so we moved to gaming laptops, being free it means I we dont waste money if she's ill. Otherwise I buy a game I want to play and play it lol. 

  • Long overdue but will never be as good as Game Pass Blush