What would convince you to buy a PSVR2?

Genuinely curious as to why more people haven't pulled the plug yet. What is your deciding factor? What change would be most important for you to consider the purchase?

  • I think there's so many options with other VR Headsets and they are coming on leaps and bounds. I haven't read much about it, but I'm assuming you can only play PlayStation games on it where as other can play steam etc

  • I mean, cost is always one thing, although the PSVR2 is wayyyy more reasonably priced than a lot of VR headsets on the market (especially compared to the Apple one, for example...). But I also think that because the technology has just hit the mainstream for individual purchases, it seems like a good idea to wait it out, read reviews, and see which of the multitude of VR devices are actually good. I, for one, don't want to grab a VR headset that is on the early end of the technology and then have it be outdated when the next VR feature gets invented and it doesn't work on the initial headset I bought! I know that's hypothetical, but these things do happen a lot with physical technological devices.

  • I didn't find the reviews of the hardware that positive and the game library is not that much bigger than the Quest library.

  • Personally I still find that VR headsets are some sort of gimmick so I hardly would buy any. 
    And the games library isn't as great

  • Plenty of games worth my time would me to buy the console and headset but it would be a difficult sell as i could just use the same price and buy a VR for PC as there are more games and variety 

  • More games and a price cut will make it more attractive. PC mode is also worthwhile. There are so many other competing headsets on the market now. It has to be competitive against them. 

  • If they make it PC compatible...then maybe, i already have a Pico 4 VR headset and it works ok.

    From "The Verge":
    Sony is now testing PSVR 2 support for PC 

  • The only thing I can think is :beeing on a island where there's nothing else on what to play .

  • I always played on the mouse and keyboard, once tested a PS4 with the controller. It ain't for me, maybe only in jail because of no other option.

  • Actually I do not own any virtual reality device, including the PS VR2. The main reason for me not buying it is that I am still waiting for that game that will make me cry "I absolutely need to play it". For now I can identify just a few available games that could be sort of interesting for me. In the current status I see them mainly as prototypes of the technically better games that developers will achieve in the (possibily near) future, so in my opinion it is better to wait for an evolution of its library.