What playstation exclusives are you most excited to play on your Legion gaming laptop?

Played God of war on the PS4; phenomenal game! Would love to crank up the setting and FPS on the new legion gaming laptop! 

  • Wait what!? Playstation exclusives on PC? Did I hear that correctly? If so, would love to finally play Spiderman on PC! 

  • Definitely need to play God of War. Never played the games before but know that they have received amazing reviews. Do you know what other PS games are due to come to PC? 

  • Spiderman would be good on PC.

  • Didn't they bring out Bloodborne on PC too?

    That really makes me tempted to replay it. Id love to play Demon souls too but that's either gunna be PS5 or a long wait.

  •  Horizon Forbidden West. Zero Dawn was a great game so looking forward to Forbidden West. 

  • Spider-Man has been amazing to play on PC. I got it on PS Plus but haven't had the chance to play it on my PlayStation. I should really give God of War a go too!

  • I can't wait to play Uncharted collection once my games list on Steam will be worked off. So glad to finally see these exclusives being brought to PC gaming.