With The New PlayStation Plus Out, What’s Your Thoughts?

I picked it up last night for a month to see how I felt about it. Honestly I’m not entirely sure. It’s nice to have some good PS5 available to try. I am currently playing Death Stranding: Directors Cut, and am excited that people will get to t try other games that the high cost of entry may have stopped some people trying, such as Returnal or Demons Souls.

However, I am not a fan of the layout of the menus or how things are organised. I don’t like that even PS1 games show as PS4 or PS5 games, I understand that it’s showing you what they are playable on, but it doesn’t appear to have a way of showing the classics via which consoles they are from.

It is interesting to me that the emulated games give you the option to download the PS1 games in a PS4 or PS5 variant. This tells me they aren’t just straight up emulated and are perhaps edited slightly for each console. That or there are two different emulators available.

It’s a shame in the UK that we currently only have PAL versions, but I understand that they are looking into releasing NTSC versions in Europe.

In regards to the streaming it works fine, same as before. I can’t attest to what it’s like for others as we have quite good internet in our area. It’s nice to see they have expanded their streaming offerings though.

Overall I am hopeful, the classics catalogue is a wee bit lacking on some proper classic games, but they have to start somewhere. It took years for GamePass to get where it is now. And I’d imagine if Song sees a good return on their current investment they’ll invest more.

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