New Profile Feature - Display your gaming and social handles!

Hello Legion!

Just want to make you aware of a new feature we added to your profiles yesterday - you can now add your Steam, Twitter, and Twitch Handles to your Community Profile!

These details will appear on your public profile - as modeled here by Ben, our US Community Manager. 

To add your handles, simply click your Profile Portrait in the top right of any page on the Legion Community site, click 'Profile', then click 'Edit Profile' to add your details in.

Feel free to drop any questions on this need feature in the comments below.


  • Hooray for integration!

    Not entirely sure I'm going to link my Steam account, but maybe it's time to get Twitchin'. Regardless, very nice to have this option. Thanks!

  • Great addition and thanks for letting us know. Any plans to add other handles like Discord etc. in the future?

  • Not right now zutopo, but never say never!