Allow "Open topic in new tab" on forum topics, please

When I browse the forums, I love to glance over the topics and open the topics I find interesting to new tabs. This lets me then read them one-by-one by shifting browser tabs.

The ways the forums are built at this moment makes this impossible and I am annoyed when I need to open every topic in the same browsing window and then go back to the list and open another topic again.

It would be helpful if these HTML `<div>`s (or `<article>`s) were `<a>` (hyperlinks) instead:

Forum HTML article structure

I understand that it might be easier for you to use JS to link to the article, but it hindered my experience browsing the forums in this case. `<article>` is probably there for some accessibility, but it either needs to wrap or be wrapped by the hyperlink `<a>` to work as a proper link.

  • Couldn't agree with this more! New tabs would eliminate constantly needing to go back to the forums page, and just make navigating a lot easier in general. Thanks for posting this,  !

  • Yes I agree, ctrl+click doesn't work either, it would be an improvement if you could open new tabs.

  • I agree with this ThumbsupI am used to use mouse middle click to open new tabs in bulk then read them one by one. While the current implementation isn't all that "game-breaking" for me, I would really prefer having the option to open new tabs.

  • Good suggestion. Sometimes there's a dozen topics I would like to read and having to go back every time to read a different topic I am interested in is kinda daunting. I am using a workaround by duplicating the tab then opening a different topic, but I would be happy to have an option to open a different tab while browsing through forums.

  • A great suggestion! I am quite struggling with how the topics are opening now since I have to go back and forth for every new topic I want to read. This might be ok for mobile viewing, but on a desktop where multiple tabs are not an issue this is quite limiting. I hope it gets implemented soon!

  • Hi all! Quick update for you on this.

    I'm pleased to announce that we've taken your excellent suggestion on board and launched this functionality for the Community.

    You can now open any forum post by right-clicking and selecting 'Open link in new tab'.

  • Wow thank you. Tbh I would never have considered asking about this, because from my experience forums often seem to be predesigned bought kits which admins don't  want to look into too much in making custom changes. Good to see it's different here.

  • Awesome, ctrl+click works too!

  • Great that you listen to the community. thanks. GG DeliciousBacon Thumbsup