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At the bottom of the forums list on this page there is a page navigation bar which has an odd setting for the arrow icons next to the page numbers. On most sites, that would load page 2 if you clicked on the right icon but here it goes to the last page.

The reverse happens if you use the left arrow when on the last page. While I understand you want people to be able to jump multiple pages to find something older they are looking for, please alter it to jump 5 pages forward or back respectively for the direction arrows concerned instead of the entire lot (now 76 pages)

  • I don't really see a big issue with it to be honest. If you click on page 5, you get extra choices for 6 and 7, so if you flip through pages, you can keep going. I doubt that many people will go looking for a specific page.

    Note that you can always go to a specific page by changing the number in the URL. For example, you can change number 2 to 10 in this link to go to page 10 directly:

  • From an accessibility point of view the current system is very broken. Arrow forward buttons should go 1 page forward, Track next skip to the end on any other site. There are standards like this in place for a sound reason

  • I agree with what you say & your suggestion. Would be much better if it was as you suggest. I actually find the whole site not that easy/clear to navigate & use, I'm using a mobile device by the way.   Another thing I would suggest is that you are given the ability to 'like' replies and/or add an emoji if wanted to threads you've posted or comments that are directed to you. Like you can on sites such as Discord etc. For when a reply isn't really needed but you don't want to look like you are ignoring a reply. 

  • you can vote up a reply on the pc browser version of the site, I don't know if that capability exists in the mobile build