Forum posts

No doubt Due to wanting to enter the competitions on here, some folks put up forum posts which are repeat posts or ones which are just one sentence questions that have no substance, also some are putting posts that are in the incorrect forums eg the latest post in Freebies, about the competition to win a laptop wanting you to favourite and comment the post. Entitled 'Legion community fan page (Legion5 pro)'. It is not a post of any substance plus is in the incorrect forum anyway.  This is making the forums become just lame type things plus a waste to follow.  Please introduce mods or something to prevent this.  

  • Yes I've seen it too more mods would solve the issue id gladly help mod the site.

  • Hi H T. This is something we are aware of and are looking into to address with Mods.

  • yes, tbh i try to make post of some value on post. but yeah its "kinda forced" , cuz yeah other people do it also with no value at all ort jsut a very lil bit . but if i "don't then i miss out on 30x 5 entries ... imo just remove that way to get extra entries until their is a better way for this to add this and if their is some moderation for this indeed. their should be a system that sees that you are active member and then just rewards you with some entries not even daily. Not a system that force you to make daily post for sake of getting more entries ....

  • Dont blame the people who do this. Its just how the the system works and so on ... bit  the own fault of who set this up. I know their was good idea to reward active memebers but this is not how it was meant to be i feel like.