Hello Legion!

Welcome to Legion Listens, a new series of mini-surveys and quick polls to learn your thoughts on the community and the gaming world at large.

For this week's Legion Listens, we want to hear your wishlist of games that our community team should work with. What games, studios, publishers, or other gaming industry folks do you want to hear from in interviews/content? Your votes will help to shape the community, so now is your chance to have your say!





BONUS - what other games/studios/etc specifically would you like to see events for?

Please UPVOTE your favourite responses so that the community's overall picks rise to the top!

  • Maybe something F1 game franchise related or a racing SIM featuring F1 like iRacing or RaceRoom since Lenovo sponsor F1 these days? Also, nice additional easter egg

  • I would love to see more on CDPR and CP2077, They have risen from the ashes and rebuild CP and the DLC looks amazing too. Currently replaying it with the 2.0 update.

  • # Article 2 Egg Hunt. 

    I would have loved an option to pick more games in "Which of these example games would you MOST want to see interviews, gameplay, or giveaways for in the Legion Community?"  it is hard to pick only 1, but like the ones that have been voted on already.

    I would like to see a mix of them all, we all have different taste and love to get inspiration to try out something new "What types of game studios are your favorite to see interviews, content, and giveaways for?" I never knew how interesting a game like "Dave the Diver" is before I watched it on twitch.tv and I do not think I would have taken a second look at it if it wasn't for that twitch stream. ( Dave the Diver is from MINTROCKETNexon ) 

  • I like to see a mixture of producers, indie and bigger ones, more smaller producers are good thou as these probably get less exposure so could possibly miss the games they offer. I also think a variety of game genres is good. The interviews Ben has done so far have all been great and spot on. Keep up the good work. 

  • now i feel bad for not picking indies over the solo devs while looking at the percentages

    also im collecting the eggs

  • Egg Hunt 2

    I would like to see interviews fro
    m a mix of indie devs and AAA. What I don't need is more marketing but a deeper dive into how they developed and listened to community feedback. 

  • I really want to hear from Rocksteady Studios or Naughty Dog on their new and upcoming titles. They've been kinda quiet and they always drop unreal games 

  • Bluebyte/Ubisoft regarding the "Anno" series would be cool.

  • Personally I was amazed by the passion and the friendliness of the working environment at Larian studios (or at least this is what transpires from their interviews), but I'm sure there are lots of indie companies with the same positive qualities that deserve to be put under the spotlight. It is always fascinating to know better whose work is behind a nice product, whether it is a triple-A title or a minor but equally enjoyable game.

  • I really wanna see giveaways and collabs with games like sengoku dynasty, wandering sword, frostpunk 2 and manor lords!

    I have them all on my wishlist and will buy them when I have the time to play them but it would be awesome to see games some less well known, but not AAA, studios. They can gain some popularity and make their games even better with the added interest and exposure!