Where is the EU countries suppose to register ?

What about all of Us that like in the EU, are we forced to register as UK or will it be remedied ? 

EU Missing

  • I just saw that you created this post. Yes, totally, that's strange, I should be able to choose more countries. This gives a touch of greater universality to the Lenovo community, while it is exciting to see that people from all over the world can enjoy this technology and give their opinion about it. At least I like it.
    Also, maybe could be added what main language is too(if it is different from English).

  • Is a shame but at the same time I hey since this is the forum from UK. I know they're others forums that looks exactly like this for other European countries like France, Spain, Italy, etc for people that what a more specific geographic area of Europe.

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    You went really far back. ;)

    It's UK of course. I mean you know that there are three communities and EU/UK is considered to be one.

  • I thought exactly the same thing when I signed up

  • It's definitely a neo-colonial plot by Lenovo to redraw the national boundaries of Europe and restore the British Empire to its former glory... or maybe just because they've got an HQ here ;P

    Don't worry, I don't think it'll affect your citizenship.

  • Yeah it might only allow the option if they are in that geographically location 

  • Best answer. Joy

  • We all know that the UK terrible regret BrExit  and want to come back into the EU. For taxation when shopping in the UK it would be so much easier Slight smile

  • What an brilliant and evil plot of them Slight smile

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    I know and I understand it, knowing that EU its full of countries. It was only a proposition. Even that is great that we can participate on here.