Bjergsen steps down as player, steps up as coach!

Bjergsen is stepping down from TSM!

But he's not completely gone - he's moving into coach position for the team.

What are your thoughts on this move? Did you ever expect to see either Bjerg retiring, or transitioning to coach?

  • career transitions are inevitable but when and how are important questions associated SOOO i expected this to happen but not at this time

  • Yes, quite frankly from a point of view of someone who has done similar of late. When you get older your reaction times diminish but also there's the risk of arthritis in finger joints which I have ended up with too. So while I can still game for enjoyment I am no longer as competitive as I used to be. So I help train my team mates for competitions instead and run the events from time to time when the main organisers cannot make it

  • Coaching is good-- there's lots of value in experience and insight!