Xbox Game Pass - Games You Should Play

With so many games on Xbox Game Pass, it's hard to find time to play everything...

What titles do you recommend that others with Game Pass check out?

For me - I wholeheartedly recommend the Ori and the Blind Forest series. Both games are amazing, and you're missing out if you don't at least try them.

What other hidden gems would you suggest?

  • Now that's a useful discussion and I wanna thank everyone here for contributing to this list as it will at least be useful to one of us, me :). One of the games I would recommend is Firewatch as it is absolutely stunning with a great story and it's a game where we can actually have an impact on the relationship we have with characters, in this game Delilah. So yeah I recommend this game to anyone that hasn't played it yet. 

  • I saw recently the addition of the Halo collection (without Halo 5).

    Sounds promising to meSmile, you should give it a try even for the multiplayer option

  • The Ascent well worth a go I've only heard good things. 

  • I would recommend giving a shot at Sea of Thieves, it is a good game even though very buggy. Other than that, stuff like Golf with your Friends, Fallen Order. But it all depends on what people like.

  • I recommend Sea of Thieves as well.

  • Battlefield 2042 has just come to game pass via the bundled EA Play membership. When it first released it was a trainwreck, but with 3 seasons worth of updates, it's worth a try now. I think it's still going to be down there with one of the worst titles, but worth playing for free

  • I enjoyed Conan Exiles. It is a bit like Ark, but in a new environment with new mechanics and fun to play with friends.

  • A Way Out is such a great co-op game, definitely worth a chance if you've got someone to play it with.

  • I keep meaning to play Ori AND blind forest I need to note them down before starting any other games!

  • I guess it would be considered an old title now,  but Medieval Dynasty.