Xbox Game Pass - Games You Should Play

With so many games on Xbox Game Pass, it's hard to find time to play everything...

What titles do you recommend that others with Game Pass check out?

For me - I wholeheartedly recommend the Ori and the Blind Forest series. Both games are amazing, and you're missing out if you don't at least try them.

What other hidden gems would you suggest?

  • As mentioned already crusader kings 3 is a great game to pick up.

    Forza horizon 5 another one of my favourites also the halo franchise is good Microsoft flight simulator lots of variety on the games available on Xbox game pass. Some old gems like the fight night franchise are available too.

  • I agree. Ori is beautiful. Well worth playing

  • Lies of P and High On Life are a must! A plague tale as well

  • This thread is so useful, I got XGP with my laptop and wait for activating it until I compile the list of games I want to play.