Who is looking forward to the new Fable game?

I have been a fan of the series since the release of Fable 2. I really enjoyed the humour and the way the world change based on your decision.

  • I'm really looking forward to the new Fable game; I started the series with Fable 2 as well, then later played the first Fable. Fable 2 was such an amazing game and the humour is so memorable. The miscellaneous dialogue and text from characters like Chesty, the town crier ("the time is... very late" is my favourite line), and the gravestones (of all things) perfectly added to the tone of the game.

    My only worry is that the humorous Fable that we know and remember is lost. The developers behind the older games (Lionhead Studios) are now defunct and Playground Games are now working on the series. They've worked on the Forza Horizon series, so if the last couple of those are anything to go by, I don't doubt the quality of the next Fable. I just hope that the humour isn't lost. 

  • I played some with my girl on the 360, genuinely forget which or if it was just one of them. If they can keep the same style and add a little more detail, DEFINITELY keep the co op and it would be something Id give a go. I miss playing fun co op games with her. Hahs makes me tempted to dig out the 360 and and play it again.

  • I have the same worry about the humor for the new one. The forza games are always very good looking games. But that isn't everything.

  • Played the first three games and I absolutely loved them, and as you said, the humor was one of the highlights. I am not worried but actually curious how will the new game go about humor. We might actually surprise ourselves if it ends up being at the same or better level than before.

  • Are you worried that the humour is going to fall flat or that they're going to skip that element altogether? I think for consistency, they'd have to include some humourous element and if they really invested into the franchise, it's mandatory.

  • I'd be shocked if the game didn't try to be humorous. What worries me is how it's incorporated into the world and the narrative. Lionhead made it look effortless and it added so much to even the simplest of concepts and interactions. I just hope the humour doesn't fall flat or feel forced with mediocre jokes.

  • I agree they should definitely keep co-op. Was very fun.

  • I've not played Fable since the original release and managed to 100% it. The Fable games are always hit with delays and cancellations though, so I've learned not to follow them too closely until they're actually out

  • I have just started a new playthrough of the first Fable.

  • I like games that change based on the chooses you do, I'll give it try for sure!

    The humor gave more hype for this game, I hope it will stole me a lot of laughsGrin