Has anyone tried playing Xbox games through TV apps yet? e.g. on Xbox gaming on Samsung TVs

Now that an Xbox app is available through Samsung 2021/2022/2023 TVs, has anyone tried it?

I used Google Stadia for a while and although it got some stick from people for the cost of buying games and limited game library, the technology worked pretty great in my opinion. So I'm really curious to see how cloud gaming plays out on TV apps like Samsung's.

  • So many memories in this game and perfect dark. I would rather have a new bond game, to many remasters of old  games now a day. When was the last 007 game released? 

  • Hi! Personally, I’ve never tried playing Xbox games through TV apps yet, to tell the truth I’m not an expert on Xbox games. However, when I was a little girl, I saw my cousins play video games on the console Xbox through TV but I don’t know nothing about apps. It would be cool, and I would love to !!Grinning

  • I haven't played xbox through an app yet but doing away with consoles and using the cloud instead is a cool idea.

  • Never tried it, but ncie to know someone actually used stuff like that