Redfall - experiences so far?

To those who have actually played it - what are your experiences so far? Positive / negative?

It had a lot of hype before release then got a lot of bad reviews. The weird thing is that streamers I saw playing it and posting about it actually seemed to like it even if it wasn't as mind-blowing as it was hyped to be and a bit buggy. It seemed like there were a lot of written reviews and followers of those reviews pulling it down on social media but streamers often seemed more positive than negative, which seemed a bit odd to me.

  • I honestly haven't seen much about this, aside it getting royally roasted for being a bit of a turd at launch. It put me off even looking at it as I'm tired of devs shoving games out of the door that launch as a Beta and get patches over a month or 2 before becoming the game thaley should have been.

    Anyway, this comment will keep it in the feed because I am curious also to what normal people may think of this game.