Who is looking forward to the Xbox showcase?

What games are you hoping to see?

  • I was hyped to see them open with Fable. Glad they are keeping to the original themes like the humour. Can't wait.Grinning

  • I was and now i'm just sad because yay Forza but no elder scrolls 

  • I hoped for Silksong :( 

  • The Monkey Island crossover from Sea of Thieves looks awesome! Monkey Island always takes me back to very happy days in gaming.

  • Looking back at it expected nothing  after the mediocre sumemr agme fest presentation earlier and wa sblown away by how many good titeles they shwoed in a row. Really looking forward to fable and avowed now. Starfield also looks promising now that we got all the info we were waiting for so long

  • Not a game, but I'm interested in the improved XBox S console that will be released later in the year. The original S console has so many complaints about ticking noises with the fans that I'm wondering if that will be corrected in the new iteration.

  • Same im really looking forward to Fable and Avowed. Really glad we got a more detailed look into Starfield. It got me hyped for the launch

  • Good show with  27 games. 21 of them comes to game pass. 
    looking forward for Star Wars outlaws

  • I don't typically get excited by showcases and this one was a bit of a letdown with MSFS 2024 being announced, which seems like a cash grab after promising to support and expand 2020 for 10 years.

  • Didn't watch it and not really a fan of showcases ingeneral as half the time they dont really show you what you want to see anyway. That said, the main thing of interest for me is Forza Motorsport. I do love me a good racer. Just hope it is better than 7.

    I hated how they basically dumbed everything down and any car you bought was already customised to its nearest class. I prefered FM4 where you bought a car and you made it what you could with the money you had and the other racers cars were done similarly. When everything is done for you it feels too much like Grid.