Xbox to pc

Hey guys I just wanna to know which of the Xbox games can be compatible on pc.

  • Directly, none. They are tailored for different systems, and buying a game for Xbox doesn't mean you can play it on PC. If the game has also been released for PC, then you'd have to buy it again for PC. And even on PC, there are different versions tailored for a specific store.

  • Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play their collection across both PC and Console but like Zutopo alludes too, you'd have to download it for PC. You can't transfer games from console to PC or use a disc designed for Xbox Series X

  • The best way for this is to check Gamepass. There's so many titles on PC now from Gamepass and all the big AAA ones definitely are and if there aren't direct through gamepass you'll pick them up on steam or one of the others. A lot cheaper too