Going all digital....

So, Xbox leaked some stuff as i'm sure you've already seen, and one of the leaks was their plans to make the XSX all digital quite soon. What are your thoughts about this? Honestly, i think it is a horrible move for the customer, PC can get away with it due to multiple store fronts and competing prices, but console? If the game isn't on sale, and it's all digital, you're *** outta luck :( 

  • There's two problems they need to address first to make this somewhat acceptable imo: download speeds and storage. Nto everyone everywhere has access to fast internet and it is incredibly off putting having to wait 4+ hours for a game to install. Low and proprietary storage makes this even worse having to juggle what games you have installed, if i could just plug in a larger NVME drive it wouldnt feel so bad. 

  • Let's say that, to be honest, we should take the blame as consumers (generally speaking, as I am aware that of course there are people who love to possess physical copies of their games): we deliberately, as a whole, directed the videogames market towards an "all digital" dimension, buying codes online in order to save money. It is sad, since I would like to be one of those gamers who keep their physical collection of games on a shelf, occasionally stopping and looking at it with pride and satisfaction. I would also express my concern for the uncertain future of videogames chain stores like GameStop, given the way this market is turning to.

  • Microsoft's recent news and rumour mills pointing to a more digital future. we have seen the same attempts made by Sony in the past. What's worrying is when publishers don't want to pay for the licensing e.g. Spec Ops the Line. Its just another example of things to come. 

  • I hate it! I hate this trend of everything becoming some sort of subscription service. Hope XBox doesn't fully go this way but that seems to be the trend.
    Also hope that the rest of gaming doesn't copy this move.

  • Yeah I'm really not into this and even from when you posted this until now, it's going more and more thay way and I hate it. I still buy disc versions when I can becsuse you can pick them up on sale when you have time to play them

  • Yes, Is horrible for the Xbox customer, because Is going to a monopoly system, where someone posses all the games and you can not find them on another place, as it's all kind of subscription systems could can go on that way... and on the other hand you loose the fantastic moment of have physical games on your room. Also It comes to my some situations that are potentially horrible. Imagine that some day Steam, GOG, Gamepass, etc... disappears. Where are your games? how can you play it? And other situation, like a fictional 3rd World War where the connections are shut down to create the caos, how can you play? (obviously hope that never happens, but is to remark the internet connection dependence). Yes you have your Xbox, but as one more furniture.

    Its known that Xbox hardware sells are not the best, loosing the last 2 gen consoles, nowadays In some parts of the world the sells are about 3 (or 4) PlayStation VS 1 Xbox... so as it happened with other consoles in the past, like Sega, maybe has to disappear or... change the strategy...