3 Months Xbox Game Pass ultimate with new Lenovo Laptops - Stackable

I recently got a Yoga Slim laptop and noticed when I signed into the Xbox App and offer for 3 months Game Pass Ultimate came up. It also turns out to be a stackable code. So I've extended by another 3 months. Link:


  • Thanks for sharing the info AR, is good to know for future purchases before deciding what Pass Plan to purchase/ subscribe.

  • Ahhh man, I never end up activating mine. 

    I buy games I want to play... so I have things Im playing so activating it would be a waste. Maybe this time I will actually use it Rofl

  • Nice, I didn't know they stacked. I did use mine this time because I wanted to try out some big releases last year but haven't yet continued it at Ultimate or Standard level. It's nice to have but not essential as I too have far too many quality games in my backlog that are part-played (I get easily distracted and forget to finish them)

    So while it was fun for the 3 months I am not in a hurry to give Microsoft £95.88+ a year to rent games you have a finite amount of time to play before they get removed

  • What I did was get 3 years of Gold now Core off a key site and then convert in 3:2 to 2 years Ultimate. While redeeming I was offered 1 month extra if I turned on recuring billing and netted a month of Gold and Ultimate. Combined with the potential 9 months from Expert Zone course and rank rewards and potential 4 months with Xbox Ambassadors Diamond Season rewards. I shouldn't need to pay out for some time.

    I get your point about finite leases. But I mainly look on review sites for what to play and check when games are leaving and fit it around the rest of my day to day. 

  •  thanks for the information. Do you know if the ones you buy in stores are stackable code too. 

    Also, do they not have a sale on Game Pass at some time doing the year ? 

  • The fact that the 3 months are stackable is absolutely epic. Most of those codes are for new accounts only. Glad they went this route.

  • Can confirm ones bought from stores are stackable, generally promo intro offers are one time only. Clearly Lenovo/Legion are giving a 3 month code and not an intro offer code with each of the laptops which is great as they don't goto waste for those who already have a membership.

  • I have just heard that some people waits until it goes on sale or special offers before buying a new year of Game Pass, but yes that might not be stackable.