Hello Legion - Coming at you with an exciting new competition!

Our friends over at the Lenovo.com website recently launched their fantastic 'Build your Battlestations' gaming page - an ultimate guide to help you design and build a fantastic gaming battlestation setup.

To celebrate, we've launched our very own Build Your Battlestations giveaway, where you could win some fantastic Legion merch to deck out your very own Battlestations with

Congratulations to our winners! 

Random Draw Winner: Dragon E

Judged Winner: Handsome Toast, for his spectacular hi-tech/home-brew racing sim set-up!

To enter, all you need to do is submit pics of your awesome battlestations in the comments below - we want to see those killer rigs, gaming shrines, and setups! We're also accepting designs of your dream battlestations as well - written descriptions, sketches, the lot!  As long as it clearly describes what sort of gaming battlestation you'd love to own, we want to hear about 'em. 

And the most exciting thing about this giveaway? We've got not one, but TWO ways you can win big prizes.

First up, we'll review all of your, pictures, designs, and written descriptions, and select one that we deem to be our favourite battlestation. We're looking for creativity, style, uniqueness, and of course - something that looks (or sounds) fantastic! This first winner will bag themselves:

  • 1xLegion Armour Backpack II
  • 1x Legion K300 RGB Keyboard
  • 1x Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • 1x Legion-Branded Mug
  • 1x Legion-Branded Keyring
  • 1x Legion-Branded Baseball Cap

Secondly, everyone who submits a valid entry will be entered into a random draw to win the following:

  • 1x Legion K300 RGB Keyboard
  • 1x Legion-Branded Mug,
  • 1x Legion-Branded Keyring
  • 1x Legion-Branded Baseball Cap.

So what are you waiting for? Get snapping, drawing or writing and submit your dream battle station setups, and you could bag yourself some awesome Legion swag!

Competition closes 9th June 2023. Competition open to UK and EU residents only. You can check out the full terms & conditions here.

  • The rig is Acer Nitro N50-110 www.acer.com/.../DG.E1FEK.00D , the monitor is Lenovo Gaming Legion Y25f-10 24.5 inch , keyboard is SideWinder X4 from Microsoft and the mouse is ZL50 from A4Tech . My next rig will be on Socket AM5 Platform .

  • Hello,

    Awesome event! Thank you!

    So I, as a budget tech enthusiast and passion gamer from Romania, wanted to building a more custom rig to refresh my AMD Phenom & GTS 450 Rig. So I'm sharing my old, but still going strong PC: Slashzzer - named due to it's slash theme on a Bulldozzer architecture :).

    Built it in 2016 with the following specs:
    * AMD FX-8350 CPU // * MSI 970A Krait MB // * Corsair H105 AIO
    * HyperX White Fury RAM sticks // * HyperX Fury budget 240GB SSD
    * Phanteks Enthoo Pro case // * 1050W Seasonic Platinum Rated PSU
    * ASUS 970 Turbo GPU - later updated to a MSI 1070 Armor from a friend
    * Western Digital Black 1TB // * ASUS DVD-WR // * NZXT HUE+

    I had some fun Modding this... it was my first time so I did not do anything crazy, as I was afraid to break any parts with my inexperience:
    * Used White Paint spray on Case Grills (to add the stripe), on the SSD holding brakets, AIO circle and the SSD addon brackets.
    * Used White Rubber Spray (aka PlastiDip) to paint the AIO Rad with the White lines.
    * Used quite a lot of Black Matte Vinyl Tape to cover the PSU cover, to hide red accents on the GPU, hide the aluminium inputs on the MB and to add the Black Slash Lines to the case (front trays and on both side panels).
    * Added some White Electrical tape the the GPU cable for White Slash accents.
    * A friend helped with 3D printing two Logos - AMD and Seasonic - and taped them on the inside of the case.

    Here's a few pics from when I finished the rig along my design idea from my notebook :P

    As this is my fist time trying my hand at modding, to add some personality and flare to my PC, I can say I was impressed with how the Build turned out.
    Also did my best to film this and create some Build Logs onto Youtube... because I loved to watch this kind of tech content and why not try to create some as my first ever videos. Awesomely... through this I've discovered a passion for making videos on my little channel.

    Here is a Link to my Build log, starting with the Showcase Montage if you want to check it out.

    As a "battlestation", I used an IKEA Desk setup. Bit disorganised, as I also use this for work with my Lenovo ThinkPad :P and for some other passions like D&D and Miniatures painting :P.

    Currently working on building a battlestation for my Junior with a i5-2400, my previous GTX 970, in a colorful Inwin case and some other gathered parts. Will maybe share in a post once done Slight smile

    Again, thank you for the chance! And thank you for making few gamers so happy through these kind of events!

    Game On! Smiley

  • The wheel setup looks fantastic, I need to get a new wheel at some point. How is the G923 weighted? Does it feel realistic as some wheel sets don't provide enough weight to the steering or resistance in the pedals. Also how is the gear stick? Does it have a nice positive action to it?

  • Wow, it's nice and tidy

  • There are some lovely rigs in here and in this post, I'll show Part(s) of mine other than that good luck everyone! Smiley

    I have 4 computers I have my main daily rig which I use for my study and gaming which is the laptop you see on the left then you have another one the Steamdeck which is in the 680 config with no modification yet I do want to add some electromagnetic Joystick Modules to it but I haven't had time due to also having orders for customers to repeat their electronics. 

    Then I have 2 (3) Linux-based computers 1 older desktop computer that I use for server purposes with just a simple I5 9Gen, 32GB of ram 2666, 1TB HDD, 650PSU with also a network card and a GTX 1050 That come from one of my first desktop rigs that was called the N50-600 It was an Acer computer that was honestly really bad even for the time when I bought it. the other Linux computer that I have is a Rasberry Pi 4 and its runs household home assistance to control and monitor electric gas and water intake outtake and a few more things that honestly are somewhat boring if you are not really into it 

    I recently bought a Logitech G923 racing kit with a Siftstick for second hand and got the mounting for it from Amazon for 60 bucks it does pretty well and it works for me,

    If you have any questions for me about anything you might be interested in be free to ask in the Reply and have a nice day :) also sorry for any grammatical errors or weird sentences I have dyslexia ;-;