Hello Legion - Coming at you with an exciting new competition!

Our friends over at the Lenovo.com website recently launched their fantastic 'Build your Battlestations' gaming page - an ultimate guide to help you design and build a fantastic gaming battlestation setup.

To celebrate, we've launched our very own Build Your Battlestations giveaway, where you could win some fantastic Legion merch to deck out your very own Battlestations with

Congratulations to our winners! 

Random Draw Winner: Dragon E

Judged Winner: Handsome Toast, for his spectacular hi-tech/home-brew racing sim set-up!

To enter, all you need to do is submit pics of your awesome battlestations in the comments below - we want to see those killer rigs, gaming shrines, and setups! We're also accepting designs of your dream battlestations as well - written descriptions, sketches, the lot!  As long as it clearly describes what sort of gaming battlestation you'd love to own, we want to hear about 'em. 

And the most exciting thing about this giveaway? We've got not one, but TWO ways you can win big prizes.

First up, we'll review all of your, pictures, designs, and written descriptions, and select one that we deem to be our favourite battlestation. We're looking for creativity, style, uniqueness, and of course - something that looks (or sounds) fantastic! This first winner will bag themselves:

  • 1xLegion Armour Backpack II
  • 1x Legion K300 RGB Keyboard
  • 1x Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • 1x Legion-Branded Mug
  • 1x Legion-Branded Keyring
  • 1x Legion-Branded Baseball Cap

Secondly, everyone who submits a valid entry will be entered into a random draw to win the following:

  • 1x Legion K300 RGB Keyboard
  • 1x Legion-Branded Mug,
  • 1x Legion-Branded Keyring
  • 1x Legion-Branded Baseball Cap.

So what are you waiting for? Get snapping, drawing or writing and submit your dream battle station setups, and you could bag yourself some awesome Legion swag!

Competition closes 9th June 2023. Competition open to UK and EU residents only. You can check out the full terms & conditions here.

  • Okay so here's my battlestation, I've gotta use it for both work and gaming. Work by day, gaming by night! 

  • That's an amazing background Drifted!

  • That's an amazing background Drifted!

  • Thanks Daniel! It was actually a prank by my girlfriend and I liked it that much I decided to keep it Joy