MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALL! It's high time we celebrate the holiday period with a new round of the Legion Egg Hunt!

Usual rules apply - find the Egg logos hidden in three posts across the community (festively themed for December, of course), and you could win some Legion swag. In case you missed it, check out the Intro article for the full rundown on this competition.

(Above eggy image for illustrative purposes only - this is NOT one of the hidden clues. We can't make it THAT easy!)

Your clues for round three await below...

Article 1: This review is a Prime example of why you should check out the Legion Go!

Article 2: Show off your Legion & holiday-themed gaming setups here, and you might just find an egg while you're at it!

Article 3: This festive wallpaper would make a great background this Christmas.

Good hunting, Legion - and have a great Christmas!

Contest open to UK and EU residents only. Competition runs from the 21st to the 20th of each following month. For full terms and conditions, click this link.

  • Great giveaway Ok hand 

    Found them all.

    Happy 2024!!!

  • Congrats to all the Easter Hunt winners, who ever you might be. 

  • CONGRATULATIONS to last month's winner (we've finally been able to send his prize out after the Christmas post backlog), who has asked to remain anonymous.

  • Found all the Eggs. Happy New year to all people of this community.

  • Found all the Eggs. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to all here on the community.