Another new Legion wallpaper!

This Legion wallpaper is part of our new "icon" series.

Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops. If you prefer a Mobile version, please check here.

Click the attachment below for the full image, then right click and "save image as":

  • What is the full resolution of this image meant to be? If you follow the instructions to get the full image by clicking on the attachment it opens a blurry 1480x740 image. The Impossible-tn image is slightly clearer at 1280x800.

    Is it meant to be 3200x2000 or 2560x1600?

    I'm using Microsoft Edge, no script blockers. Also the mobile version seems to have been removed from the server as well

  • Looking forward to this new yearBlush

  • logo would have been perfect on her jacket if you ask me

  • What do you mean? Joy

    No, I was thinking about the picture arrangement of a person standing somewhere in the middle of a landscape looking into the distance.

  •   Do you mean the reparation arrangements mania that has hit so many places now ?