Another new Legion wallpaper!

This Legion wallpaper is part of our new "icon" series.

Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops. If you prefer a Mobile version, please check here.

Click the attachment below for the full image, then right click and "save image as":

  • I love this one

  • Pretty nice one. I don't really like the depth of field but this one is good :) .

  • I like this one, it looks cool

  • Nice lighting effects.

  • I've had this wallpaper on for days. I think the level of detail of the frozen dew on the ground is great, with that blur that gives a greater presence of the "icy bubble" with the subtle Lenovo brand in the center. It seems very appropriate to me for these days since the bubble is beautiful but fragile in appearance, just like these days when we have an unstable climate in most of Europe, with days of fleeting, fickle cold... with an abnormally high temperature...