Inertial Drift (Game Key Drops)

Claim a free Steam key for "Inertial Drift"! 

This page is for our game DROPS system. On Tuesday (16th May)  visit at 4 pm BST sharp for your chance to grab a free key!

Available exclusively to Legion Gaming Community members while supplies last.

Please note that keys are very limited for this promo and likely to run out within ~5 minutes of the drop open. 

Available to UK and EU Community Members. This key must be redeemed via Steam. To redeem your Steam key, please follow these instructions.

  • I was here when the original thing was supposed to start. Of course totally missed this new one which is easy to happen especially since it said "well it will probably start in like 12 days", Can't say I ever liked instant drops/claims, even though I did get quite a few in the past over the years (from different companies), but at what time investment (always having to check the sites)? Raffles are so much less stressful, I'd always prefer them even though the odds of course might be lower.

  • The widget also says: "The start date listed is aspirational/placeholder and subject to change." Smile

  • the text refers to tuesday the 25th of april? and the widget says in 12 days? now im confused.

  • Good luck everyone, it's an interesting to master but enjoyable game