Wow! How is it December again already? Looks like it's high time for our annual Legion Swag giveaway - ho ho ho!

To celebrate the holidays, one lucky winner will win themselves a grabbag of awesome Legion swag, including:

  • One Lenovo Legion K300 RBG Gaming Keyboard
  • One Lenovo Legion Gaming Control Mouse Pad XXL
  • One Lenovo Legion 17-inch Armoured Backpack II
  • One Lenovo Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse

To be in with a chance of winning, simply comment below with a short review of your favourite game of 2022. Your review can be for any game released in 2022: from AAA PC titles to mobile games!

We’ll be picking a winner at random from the entries below, but to qualify you'll need to give us a few lines about WHY it's your favourite game of 2022. Low-effort entries, along with those deemed as spam or violating our community guidelines will be disqualified!

In addition, we’ll also select a handful of the reviews to be featured in an upcoming article post, and some might even get a mention on our Legion Twitch streams. Neat, huh?

To get things started, we’ve added a smattering of Game of the Year reviews from your oh-so-loveable Community Managers! Check them out below!


 Daniel Cox, UK Community Manager: Overwatch 2

For me, Overwatch 2 is the premier multiplayer experience right now. The exquisitely unique visual style is underpinned by finely tuned map designs and For me though, it's Overwatch 2's minute-to-minute gameplay that is the crowning jewel. Many of today's biggest FPS titles require you to calculate your best attachment/loadout combinations, culminating in a plus ça change feeling of homogeneity.  Not so with Overwatch 2: it's so refreshing to be able to jump into a game with a gloriously varied roster of characters, each with their own pre-defined distinct identity and playstyle. Who do I want to roll with today: Orisa? Reaper? Moira? I don't know, but whoever I pick, I know it's going to be an absolutely unique blast!

 Ben Green, Senior US Community Manager: Elden Ring

A lot of amazing titles released this year, but it's hard not to pick Elden Ring as my GOTY! Elden Ring was actually my first-ever Souls game, and man... I couldn't have picked a better title to jump into! Just about everything in the game is phenomenal - visual design, music, combat, progression, and the utter scale of the game. It's an experience that I won't forget anytime soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else FromSoftware has in store with DLC for the game.

This competition is open to UK/EU residents only, and closes on 6th January at 11:59PM GMT. You can find the full T&Cs here.

  • "A Plague Tale: Requiem" is an incredibly immersive video game that immerses you in the dark history of medieval Europe ravaged by the plague. The graphics are stunning and the lighting effects will leave you breathless. The story is captivating and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the gaming experience. The characters are highly detailed and believable, allowing you to connect with them emotionally. The game is reinforced by an epic soundtrack that adds an extra layer of immersion. The game mechanics are smooth and offer a variety of challenges for players of all levels. Finally, the game takes place in France (medieval of course) which makes it even more amazing. This game completely refaced my 2022, I highly recommend "A Plague Tale: Requiem" to all fans of historical adventure games.

  • Many great games were released in 2022 like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Stray, Ghoswire and many others. But my favourite one is TMNT: Shredder's Revenge. It brings the spirit of the prequels, enjoyable gameplay and much fun.

  • I don't know if it does count, but my favorite game in 2022 is the next gen version oh GTA5. I remember really enjoying the game when I first played it 8 years ago. But as I was younger I couldn't realise how fantastic this game is. The main characters are so charismatic, the story is really cool, each mission in this game is a masterpiece. The graphics have well evolved since then and the gameplay doesn't make it feel like it's an old game. The online mode has many new stuff and the community is still very active in this game. I can't say if it's about nostalgia but it is definitely my favourite game of 2022.

  • Being a AAA game, a sequel of the beloved game release in 2018, a masterpiece of storytelling and gameplay, a game that kept us at the edge of our seats from wanting to know what will happen next with out favorite characters, I would say God of War Ragnarok takes the crown for me. A game that manages to get you crying your eyes out within the first 15 minutes but also gets your blood pumping with amazing fights. I can't wait to play it again once it gets released for PC (hopefully)

  • My favourite game has been Elden Ring. Already tried souls-like games before and watched many walkthroughs of Dark Souls series apart of trying some, Elden Ring took all good things of previous games and improved it. Music and sounds are really good, gameplay similar to previous games but with improvements, making it smooth and adding good mechanics. Ambientation is the best, being able to explore a huge open world with many kind of areas and enemies around, including some tough ones you can find randomly. For a souls-like fan it's hard to have another game as favourite one, with the amount of improvements and content they made.