No doubt you've already heard that we recently teamed up with the excellent gaming mental health charity, Safe In Our World. 

The good folks at Safe In Our World recently launched Sidekick, a journal and resource focused on improving the mental health of those in the games community (and anyone who needs it). By connecting you to the games you love so much, Sidekick will feel like a familiar friend who’s there for you when you need it. Whether you need some time to free write and colour or want some targeted help for what you’re going through in the form of breathing exercises and journaling prompts, Sidekick will be with you!

To celebrate the launch of this fantastic book, we're running a special joint-community giveaway between Lenovo EDU and Legion to giveaway four copies. 

For your chance to win one, all you need to do is share your top self-care/well-being tip in the comments below. 

Perhaps you find a long walk a good way to clear your head? Or know a great relaxation routine to reduce stress? Let us know!

At the end of the competition, we'll enter all valid entries* from the Lenovo EDU and Lenovo Legion communities into one random draw, and pick 4 lucky winners!

Want to learn more about Sidekick, or even grab your own copy? Simply head here: 

Prize draw open to UK and EU residents only, and closes at 11:59PM GMT, 31/12/23. For full terms and conditions, see the attached file below. *All entries must be written in good faith and follow our community terms of use

  • I think sometimes just taking a moment to control your breathing and taking nice deep breaths can help you feel a little bit better in stressful times. Also 2nd egg found

  • Eggscellent. have found clue 2!

  • Do the Wim Hof method and stay consistent. It will help you clear up the cluttered mind and experience calmness. Best of all, it's free, and brings mental and physical health benefits.

    Other than that method, your best bet for mental well-being is to accept the whatever the state or situation you are, to stop wasting energy on resisting it and see where you can go from that point.

  • Being able to talk/vent about what's on your mind does so much more than just being stuck with your thoughts, just saying something out loud can be enough to clear your mind and put things into perspective.

  • Alrighty, so kicking off good mental vibes begins with treating your body right. That means keeping up with some regular exercise and chowing down on the good stuff. Getting into sports adds that extra fun factor, helps you forget about everyday hassles, and gives you a mega dose of stress relief. Easy peasy, right?