Ahoy Legion!

What a year for gaming 2022 was! From the epic Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok to the retro-inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, we were spoiled for choice in 2022. As such, we celebrated that fantastic annum of interactive entertainment with a special prize draw for all of our members - the Legion SWAG giveaway! All you had to do to enter was provide a short review of your top game of 2022, and we'd select one winner at random from the qualifying entries.

A huge thanks to everyone who entered. We were thrilled with all of the high-quality, insightful reviews that you all submitted - indeed, there are plenty of games we've since added to our gaming backlog since reading some of your reviews (Dan, for instance, is now desperate to pick up Vampire Survivors.)

Of course, there can only be one person who walked away with the grab bag full of Legion swag for their trouble - so a huge congratulations to , who was randomly selected for his succinct review of bizarre-o shooter High on Life.

"I haven't played many games released this year, as per usual. But out of the few I played I really enjoyed High on Life. The humour was right up my alley, the gameplay was really fun and the unique weapons were great! The only thing that really bogged it down was the mediocre story but that's easily ignorable."

Of course, there were plenty of other standout reviews submitted for the competition, so we thought we'd highlight just a small portion of our favourite ones we enjoyed reading below:

  , Xenoblade Chronicles 3

"As a fan of the Xeno series and action role-playing games, I can confidently say that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for Switch is my highlight of 2022.

The expansive and immersive world of the game is truly breathtaking, with a wide range of environments to explore and secrets to discover. The combat system is fast-paced and satisfying, with a wide variety of enemies and bosses to fight and strategies to master. The character development options allow players to customize their playstyle to suit their preferences, which adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

But what really sets Xenoblade Chronicles 3 apart for me is its incredible soundtrack. The music in the game is absolutely breathtaking, with a wide range of emotional and epic tracks that perfectly complement the action on screen. The soundtrack is definitely one of the standout features of the game for me.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a must-play for any fan of the action role-playing genre and Xeno series. Its fast-paced and satisfying combat system, along with its incredible soundtrack, make it a truly memorable and enjoyable experience."

 A Plague Tale: Requiem

"A Plague Tale: Requiem is an incredibly immersive video game that immerses you in the dark history of medieval Europe ravaged by the plague. The graphics are stunning and the lighting effects will leave you breathless. The story is captivating and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the gaming experience. The characters are highly detailed and believable, allowing you to connect with them emotionally.

The game is reinforced by an epic soundtrack that adds an extra layer of immersion. The game mechanics are smooth and offer a variety of challenges for players of all levels. Finally, the game takes place in France (medieval of course) which makes it even more amazing. This game completely refaced my 2022, I highly recommend "A Plague Tale: Requiem" to all fans of historical adventure games."


"Stray has done it for me in 2022. It never failed to elicit so many emotions from me, making the visually stunning gameplay that much more memorable. The atmosphere is so well developed even by the tiniest detail of colour and sound in order to give the utmost immersive experience. I almost forgot I was human.

Essentially, I appreciate the game for its artistic DELIVERY of the story. However, I do fault it for lack of story and variety. It's got so much potential with a little bit more thought. Nonetheless, it's still enjoyable with visually stunning gameplay. It's relaxing and wholesome."

  , Vampire Survivors

"Definitely Vampire Survivors for me. I had little time to game this year, but this is a perfect game for short bursts of gameplay, even between remote work. I'd jump in for 30 minute session, or shorter (if I died) and I'd come back and do whatever else. The game is extremely engaging and unlocking new levels, characters and items is just simply fun. And it kind of spawned a whole new genre with some nice similar games, hopefully we'll see some become almost as good as this game. I have over 40 hours in VS and that's like x4 over anything else I've played this year."

  • Lot of interesting games this year

  • Very decent year for gaming but i can see 2023 topping it!

  • Congrats to the lucky winner, I have added some of the games to my wishlist too. I look forward to playing High on Life at some point because it looks hilarious from what I have seen

  • This year was filled with some great games! And this incoming 2023 also seems very promising Smiley

    Congratulations to all the winners and here's to a great year filled with games and joy!

  • Vampire Survivors is just pure joy