...Wanna see me do it again?

I’m all for a good grind in progression-focused video games, but even I was surprised by the news that a World of Warcraft player had maxed out their level in just several hours. With the new Shadowlands expansion, various level progression mechanics and changes were introduced, pulling the leveling down from 120 to 60, and shortening the overall leveling experience for both new and old players.

One player, however, didn’t have time to waste, even with the shortened experience; Monkeylool, of EU-Al’akir, hit max level in just over three hours by running Necrotic Wake – a dungeon in World of Warcraft – repeatedly in 5 to 6-minute bursts as a 3-person party. They also mixed things up with a few quests and other activities.

The beauty of games like World of Warcraft is how players set their own goals and objectives; hitting max level cap first, clearing dungeons and raids in record time, and so on. It continues to impress me, the level of player’s dedication to such aims.
Have you been playing World of Warcraft’s latest expansion? What do you make of the new leveling experience? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Image Credit: worldofwarcraft.com