Austin Evans provides his thoughts on the Legion 7i Gen 8.

Could this latest 7i be a desktop replacement? Watch to find out!

We'll have more vids and content on the Gen 8 series in the coming weeks - so keep your browsers on the community!

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  • wow this is truly next generation gaming which is truly portable. The part which surprises me the most is 24 CPU cores and also the long lasting battery life which is truly designed for gaming. To be Honest it's hard to believe that these epic devices exist.GrinGrin. This is truly the future of gamingSlight smileSlight smile

  • Finally, a bit of explaining about the AI chip. Though, it did say not all games support it, how does that even work?
    That machine is a beauty, but flagships tend to be out of a lot of people price ranges and with Nvidia's ridiculous pricing and pathetic midrange this time around... I think that will be a lot of people, myself included wishing I could afford such a model, but are more likely to just stare longingly at reviews.

  • It's such a beautiful laptop !

  • This laptop looks like a beast! I wouldn’t be surprised if laptops start to comfortably compete with desktops within 4-5 years, seems like the gap between them is closing in

  • Wow. Makes you wonder if there will ever be a limit to how much power can be crammed into a portable device!!