Join Lenovo at ExCel London between 29th-31st March for the UK's biggest education technology expo!

Besides all things education technology, Lenovo will also be hosting dedicated events and talks to discuss Esports and its growing place within Education. Check out one of our upcoming Esports panels below.

BETT 23 Panel: The Power of Esports in Enhancing Skills

Christine Stellar Foss

General Manager and Director of World Wide Education Solutions


Christine Stellar Foss is a passionate leader in the education space. She started her career in the classroom before moving into education technology. Her experience as an educator and in developing digital education products has given her a deep understanding of how schools can leverage technology and new opportunities to expand the knowledge and skills of students across the globe.

 Marco Vigelini


Maker Camp

CEO of Maker Camp SRLS, Marco develops experiences in Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and The Sandbox for UNESCO sites, museums, brands and educational institutions, conveying their content to children, families and schools through gamification elements. Marco is a speaker in Italy and abroad on Education Technology and the promotion of video games in cultural and educational contexts and has launched for Italian schools the Lega Scolastica Esports, the first competitive video game league for High Schools

Location: Esports Hub

Date & Time: Wednesday 29th March | 12:20 – 12:40

Esports, as extracurricular activities, provide an immersive platform for students to develop and enhance both hard and soft skills while having fun and connecting with peers.

This panel will address the educational potential of competitive video games that emerged while conducting the LEGA SCOLASTICA ESPORTS initiative: a national competition between high schools based on competitive video games that offered, to teachers and students, a significant hands-on experience on esports, both in terms of soft and hard skills.

By leveraging interest in video games, the initiative provides a natural pathway for students interested in the world of technology, STEM disciplines, communication, and video game development, while also helping them develop soft skills such as teamwork, strategic planning, effective communication, and leadership.

Esports also becomes an inclusive and engaging time for all students, including those who would otherwise not participate in any extracurricular activities.

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