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  • Did anyone here participate?

  • Yes  all crammed into a 1 hour interview does not seem like a good idea, because a lot of the questions might overlap. 

    I mostly like to watching podcasts where they have gathered tons of questions and put them all together, gives a wider range and more in depth of questions. 

  • I missed my chance for that.

    Not really a question, just something I believe you should consider.

    Making laptops XMP/EXPO tunable,several MSI laptops have advanced BIOS that allows memory tuning. Eluktronics binned specific RAM kits for 6400mhz at 1.2v. Hobbyists have managed to get 6000mhz at CL36 1.1v. The original plan and BIOS on the Pro 7i allowed 6000mhz OC then it was removed. Intel and AMD are using desktop chips in laptops now, meaning they have the potential to run that 6000mhz. Ryzen responds very nicely to memory tuning and I think it's wasted performance to not allow that extra.

  • That is true.
    Answers more questions from more types of users

  • it's a very good point!