Hello Legion!

We’ve got some exciting news for you – we’ve teamed up with game developers BULKHEAD to bring you some exciting new content over the next few weeks and months!

Based in Derby, UK. The studio is currently developing AAA titles for Steam, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and previously worked on hit titles such as BATTALION and The Turing Test.

We’ll be dropping BULKHEAD articles, videos, gaming Q&A sessions, and even a prize draw or two! What’s more, we’ll be posting some exciting new announcements from the developers that we’ll be able to share with you VERY soon (hint: come back to the Community tomorrow to find out more…)

Of course, alongside our new series of BULKHEAD content, we’ll still be posting our usual smorgasbord of Legion videos, top-notch comps, and articles.  So, for all this and more, keep your eyes on the Legion Gaming Community!

  • Cool!

  • Good news, they are making great games

  • Always good to hear about new developments

  • I remember I had a good time playing The Turing Test. I'm looking forward knowing more about Bulkhead and the future projects they are working on.