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  • I think Suicide Squad is a repetitive and boring loot shooter that, despite a fundamentally exciting story, is simply not fun in the long run.

    the game is another attempt by major publishers to milk the ongoing “games as a service” trend

  • I still think the L9i is too gimmicky.

    To truly hit the mark for the asking price, it needs a higher crossload, Thermal grizzly conductonaut extreme on the CPU at the very least and the best thermal pads you can get your hands on. Make a partnership with a company like Iceberg, get some DriftIce in there for VRAM and VRMs. That water loop, needs an external rad. The internal loop does nothing but add thermal mass and still hits the same temps over gaming sessions. Extended it over the vapour chamber and make it dockable like the XMG machines so you can allow more power stabily. Makes for better tuning and optimising.

    I personally think you should add RAM tuning into your BIOS on all pro models with HX chips AMD or Intel. If 1.35v is too spicy for laptops, allow for 1.2v and tuning timings and frequency. The Legion 7i ships with Hynix A die RAM. The same chips that Kingston use in their Fury line up, giving 5600mhz at CL38, yet the kit you supply has the base level of 5600 CL46. Being able to tweak the timings and frequency would be great. Im certain that kit could nail 6000mhz and CL38 at 1.1v. 1.2v could see 6400mhz CL38, maybe even tighter depending on silicon lottery.

    Maybe employ your AI features to allow tuning of all this within safe parameters with the self healing BIOS if timings dont take?

  • Helldiver 2 really feels like Starship Troopers mixed with Star Wars.  

    That 'Indi' game really great, don't forget your hat and whip Slight smile

  • The new Legion Coldfront: Hyper” thermal technology looks an amazing feature

  • That Prince of Persia game looks pretty fun, and i've recently discovered that Metroidvania games are a thing i like :D .